Monday, February 04, 2008


Well I'm always talking about sketching interesting new characters and creature designs so here's my latest and best creation PERIOD!! Yep it's a baby if you haven't guessed already! Joy and myself will be new parents in early August. We'll know whether it's a boy or girl in another month but for now we're having fun looking at the baby name book and imagining what it will be like six months from now!


Joseph Lee said...

It's a whole change in one's life, perceptions, responsibilities...all for the better. The baby looks beautiful! Congrats!

Kip Noschese said...

Conratulations Mark! Some baby names I came up with: Lovell Covell (with Greg's permission), Sakura Covell, Deuce Covell, Halen Van Covell --Yes! Look no further.