Friday, November 10, 2006


Last nights Family Guy art show and DVD release party was a pretty sweet event indeed!! Highlights include the Theme Park sized Brian and Stewie walking around. As the artists arrived we were greeted at the door with an orange " NOT RED" carpet and a ton of press folk interviewing and taking lots of pics! There's me acting like Mr Bigshot and trying to think of somthing humorous to say. I drank it up because I figure this will be the first and LAST time I'm walking a premier carpet! There's a great shot of Alex Borstien " the voice of Lois" in a sexy pose! Although I think she may of had a rock in her shoe. The artwork was amazing and it was great to meet the artists. I've shown my painting enough on this blog so I posted a few of my fav's in the show. The one with Brian holding the champagne is by Spencer Laudiero and the Stewie with the fez is by Kathy Olivas. That's my wife Joy with Stewie and also next to the mammoth martini glass. Spencer Laudiero and his Fiance Rachael MacFarlane stand proudly in front of his painting. The smiley trio are myself, Annie Mcmillan, and the world famous Joe Vaux.

Monday, November 06, 2006


What the deuce are you staring at!?!


Again with the STEWIE KILLS LOIS painting! Yes once again the Family Guy group show will be featured at the Museum of Television & Radio. The openening is wednesday night and should be well covered since the head honcho and creator Seth MacFarlane will be there. I also was amazed to hear that this exhibit will be traveling world wide to different animation galleries. Click on the above links to read about it!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

AGE 5?

In my search for old highschool artwork my dad dug up a 3 ring binder full of drawings I created when I was a young lad. I really dig the scarry looking snow shovel that Conan is wielding. The spear-like shovel that Smokey the bear holds is quite a threat as well! But I think the crowning achievment is matching Spiderman against The Riddler!! Truley visionary. Thanks dad for saving these.

Highschool Drawings

After the wedding Joy and I stayed on the east coast for two weeks visiting friends,family, and our favorite haunts. It also gave me some time to crawl into my dads attic and fish out some ancient drawings that i haven't seen in years! I know many artists don't like to view their highschool work, but for me it brings me back to my days of reading comics, watching thundercats, and desperately trying achieve the quality and feel of artists Like Frank Frazetta. Here are a few drawings from when I had nothing but TIME to render 100 ninja's battling one samurai. I miss those days!


Yep...I haven't posted anything for two months and now you know why!! I'm still basking in the glow of marital merriness!! Joy and I tied the knot"literally" september ninth on the tiny island of Monhegan off the coast of Maine. Here are some pics of the main event, the hotel, and some of the great old homes planted around the island. Joy looked amazingly beautiful and the weather was PERFECT! We were blessed with friends and family who journeyed far to be with us for a few days. Thanks everyone for making that weekend so special.