Sunday, August 17, 2008


Weighing in at 6lbs 7oz, our son Aidric Max Covell was born
on August 14 in Glendale CA at 4:13 am! Needless to say I'm a proud and happy dad and I'm loving being home with my family for a few weeks.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


What do these three things have in common you ask? It's only the biggest and most important moment in this artists life. Joy is now showing signs of the early stages of birthing our son! I was able to crank out two final paintings before he breathes his first breath of air. Unfortunately I can only reveal one. Another Family Guy art auction approaches and I had to partake. This time the theme is album covers. And of course everyone turned and said "We all know which band Mark is doing." So here it is!! Hope you dig it. I'll be taking another three week hiatus from work so I can get to know the new little man in my life.A HUGE thanks to everyone for all the love and support!! I'm going to be a dad......unbelievable!!