Friday, July 27, 2007

Here's a cover I recently finished for Vertigo comics. It's part of a trilogy based on I AM LEGEND. If your a Richard Matheson fan and are eagerly awaiting the movie coming in December, keep your eyes peeled for these free issues at Comicon this weekend! I felt honored to be part of this project which features art by Bill Sienkiewicz, Jason Chan, and David Levy to name a few.

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Unknown said...

you suck dude.

i say that with deep conviction cause
i'm a very jealous man. while i'm wrangling a screaming baby or working a crap job, you're living the dream
and painting covers for VERTIGO comics!! FREAKIN' VERTIGO!

congrats man, and maybe one of these years i'll get to meet yah at Comic Con and you can sign my copy.