Friday, June 30, 2006


Ok first off, I've worked at a lot of places in my career and have been at some cool work related events but this one was by far the most exciting. One of our Family Guy directors Zac Moncrief decided to put together an art exhibit with a
Star Wars theme. 26 of us picked a slip of paper out of a hat with a letter from the alphabet. We then created an image from Star Wars based on the letter. I.E. R is for RANCOR...which happened to be mine. The result was AMAZING!! Everybody created fantastic works of art. And to sweeten the deal we had a silent auction so everyone walked away with fatter wallets. Here are a few pics from last fridays event. You can see my goofy mug underneath my piece. The two smiling dudes are (left) Spencer Laudiero (right) Joe Vaux. I think they may have been drinking that night.

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kentigar said...

Hi Mark!!! This post is from six years ago but I'm just finding it now...Your work is wonderful!!! So proud of you. I have great memories of getting to know you when we were in high school and just thought I'd write to send a huge CONGRATULATIONS on all the great stuff going on in your life! I'm in touch with Peggy and she tells me you have two children as well...wonderful! Please give your family a big hug from an old friend from Hebron. Take care and continued success and joy in life, Mark...and if you're ever in the southern Maine area, please let me know and come visit anytime!!

Katie Entigar